Hana Doki Kira is organized by the Year 85 Group, six girls who came together with a mutual love and admiration for shojo. With the help our friends and peers, we want to show off the diverse ways this genre can influence artists, both professional and amateur.

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I just found out about this book today. Is there a way I can buy the PDF version of it? I'd love to read it!


There are plans to perhaps offer the PDF version online once we get all our patient backers their rewards first!  If the online PDF is an option, they’ll be offered on the store along with any extra copies of the book, but not before all the kickstarter rewards are shipped out, as we feel like that’s only fair to the people who have made the project possible.

For reference, the scheduled shipping of all the rewards is in June (largely due to printer warehouse complications).  Otherwise, you can take a glimpse at the book at the upcoming TCAF, where some of the HDK members will be showing off some advanced copies to the crowd!

Hana Doki Kira March Update

Hi darlings! If you’re a  backer or artist,  make sure you check your email for the latest update!!

Is the physical version of Hana Doki Kira being printed and when will Kickstarter backers get the physical copy of the book.

Hi~  We’re actually sending an update this weekend with all the details. The physical copy is being printed now.

I finally sat down and read my digital copy of Hana Doki Kira last night, and I need to gush for a second. Wow! You guys did a great job, it was an instant favorite. The art was stunning, and all the stories were so charming! I'm definitely going to back volume 2 whenever you get that underway.

We couldn’t be any prouder of our superstar roster of contributing artists and all the obvious time and effort they’ve put in to helping us make this book a reality, and we’re so glad that we could share it with everyone and that you love it too!  On behalf of all of us, thank you so much!


The Hana Doki Kira PDF was just released!! It turned out super amazing. If you backed the Kickstarter, you should have gotten your PDF in an e-mail last night, and I hope you’re currently enjoying everyone’s beautiful comics and illustrations!Anyway, I wanted to celebrate the PDF release by sharing one of the pieces I drew for the anthology. I really love how this turned out & I’m super glad I finally get to share it with you guys!
If there's a second book will there be an open call for artist?

Right now, the second book is still in discussion, and the exact details of submission haven’t been decided yet.  The option of open submission is an option that will be on the table, but probably only for a small number of guest pages, as opposed to for the entirety of the book.  

Nothing’s set in stone though; more details regarding book 2 and its themes will be announced after the current book’s Kickstarter rewards have all been taken care of!  

Thank you for your interest!


I’m getting ready for the upcoming convention year and decided to create a print to go along with my submission to the Hana Doki Kira Anthology, in full color! (And with a bit of a style change)
Is the any update on the Hana Doki Kira Book.


The book is currently in its last stages of being assembled in PDF form, and then it’s off to the vendor for print!  We already have the vendor in contact and quoting sorted out, so once we send it off it’ll be put into production!

In the meantime, we’re accruing the rest of the rewards to send out too.  

  • The tote bags have been made and we’ve received them!  Photos of the actual product will be posted soon!
  • The commissions and sketches have been assigned to artists and some of them have already been mailed!  (The speed at which each artist draws may vary across the board, though.)  If you’re expecting a sketch or a commission, keep your eyes peeled on your email and mailbox!  The artist should give you notice when they mail your piece out.
  • The posters and postcards have been ordered!  They should arrive sometime within February!

Of course, most rewards (except for commissions and tiers without the book) will be waiting on the book to be mailed out in complete sets.  Save for the unfortunate lateness of the PDF (we’re sorry!), everything else is on schedule!

If you have any questions about the individual status of your rewards, please don’t hesitate and email us at hanadokikira@gmail.com for an update!

- Year 85 Group 

Update 8: Hana Doki Holiday · Hana Doki Kira

HI everyone! we posted a new update on our Kickstarter page. Be sure to check it out.

Hello! I am new to kickstarters and wanted to know if there are still some copys left? I want to spend the $80 option :)

Hello!  Any extra copies after proper distribution to contributors and backers will be put up for sale online to help fund a second book.  The estimated time frame for that will be some time in Marcy or April of next year.  In addition, contributing artists will receive books that they may put up for sale online or at any conventions they participate in, so it wouldn’t hurt to follow some of the contributors for news on that!

However, backer surveys have already been sent out, so we cannot add any more “Thank Yous” to the back of the book, and the other kickstarter rewards are very limited.  There is no guaranteed way to get them now that the kickstarter has ended, but in the case there are straggling extras, they might (no guarantees) be put up online to help fund Book 2 when the extra copies are put up.  

In short: there’s no guaranteed way to get the rewards, but you might be able to score a book!  In both cases, they’ll be available next year in Spring, so keep an eye out!

kickstarter asked me for my address, but i only pledged for the PDF copy. is there a way to get around that and still submit my name for the back of the book?

Hello!  We apologize for the confusion!

Kickstarter surveys automatically ask for addresses for all reward tiers and we included it even for the $5 PDF tier just in case.  But rest assured. we won’t be using your address for anything, however, if you’re at the PDF tier - your information is safe!

If you are still uncomfortable with filling out your address, please email us directly at hanadokikira@gmail.com to hash the issue out.

I just found out about Hana Doki Kira via Johnny Wander but was a bit let down that I just barely missed the kickstarter end date. Seeing as i live in hawaii and it's a bit less likely you'll be coming all the way here to share the fruits of your labor, will you be selling copies online in the future?

Aloha! Thanks so much for your interest! We’ll have some extra physical copies and the PDF that we will be putting up for sale directly from the Year 85 Group to help fund a second book. Also, each participating artist will receive books that they may put up for sale themselves. When will this happen? After the backers have received their copies- so for not for a few months. If you want to be kept in the loop, follow our tumblr or facebook. We’ll make announcements about when books will be available.  Thanks! (Answered by Annie)