Hana Doki Kira is organized by the Year 85 Group, six girls who came together with a mutual love and admiration for shojo. With the help our friends and peers, we want to show off the diverse ways this genre can influence artists, both professional and amateur.

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My copies of Hana Doki Kira arrived! Gonna bring some to SPX this weekend!

I’m going to be at SPX! I’ll be at Table B9 with friends and co-conspirators Annie Stoll and Tim Ferrara and we’ll be selling our comic anthology Hana Doki Kira! I’ll also have some luscious 13x19 prints, a Solid Sight two-for-one zine special, and a sneak peek of my upcoming GN Four Points. Stay tuned for a merchendise preview!!
edit: Also! I’ll be a part of the Making Art For The Internet panel along with Sam Alden, Blaise Larmee and Emily Carrol!!!! It’s on Sunday from 3pm to 4pm. 
Hana Doki Kira will also be available from other artists at the show: Alice Meichi Li at Table B8, Carey Pietsch at Table E12B, Megan Brennan at Table A11, and Kris Mukai at Table A12. Visit us all for signatures!

This is a page from my contribution to the Hana Doki Kira anthology, which will be on sale at SPX. (The characters are a pair of magical girls I did a short comic about in a vintage-CLAMP style.) I also might have prints of this drawing, if I have time :)
If you look at that link from the comic and then look at this page, you might notice a drastic style shift. This is because I drew the comic about 6 months before I drew this. In that 6 month span I penciled and began inking my first graphic novel, and as you can see, drawing that much tends to morph your drawing style!
So I've been following the updates and I know that things have slowly but surely been sent out, but have you guys sent out the artist copies? I've been checking everyone's art store/shop and haven't seen a sign of any.


We just finished the last of the packing today for all backers, and along with that are the boxes of artist copies!  All artists should have all of their copies within one or two weeks at the most.  

However, some artists that we’ve seen in person have already received their artist copies (some, if not all), so it might just be the case that the artist in question isn’t ready to put it up in their store yet!

If there’s an artist you want to buy from in particular, I would definitely try to message them individually and ask if they’re planning to put their HDK copies up for sale.  We don’t stipulate that an artist has to sell them, so technically they have every right to keep all the copies and just hand them out to friends.

The only way to be sure is to ask them!

Hana Doki Kira books have been shipping out and it’s very exciting to see everyone posting about receiving them in the mail!  Also thanks for all the sweet reviews so far. We’ll be collecting reactions + photos and will keep you all informed when more books make it out there!
Can we get an update on kicstarter rewards have you guys started mailing out rewards.


The kickstarter rewards are in the process of being packed.  There are a couple hundred of them, so we’re working out cars and carts to get them to the post office!  At the moment, all the tiers up to the $100+ tiers have been packed!  We’re planning to ship them out within the next two weeks.

Since all of the coordinators do have day jobs, we can only get together to do this on the weekends.  We’re sorry about the delay, but they’re very much on the way, and we’ll post an update (with pictures) to let you know when they’re all sent out!  

Thanks for your patience!

Hi! I *really* loved backing Hana Doki Kira the first time around, and I was wondering if there will be a pitching process to submit to the possible HDK vol 2, or if you already have artists picked out? Thanks again for making such a wonderful book! <3


First of all, thank you so much for backing!  

We’re currently working hard to ship out all the rewards (there is a shipping/packing session scheduled for today, in fact), but we have been talking about the process of volume 2.  As of this moment, volume 2 looks to be a combination of both artists that have participated before, artists that they can newly introduce to the book, and a portion of open submission!  

I can say with a good amount of confidence that there will definitely be a chance for anyone interested to submit to Hana Doki Kira.  At the moment, we’re just figuring out the proportions of how many of those entries will be put in the book!

Thanks for your interest, and we hope you’ll love the project just as much when it’s in your hands!


My TCAF haul! (Day one) 
I got a ton of stuff from Gigi d.g who is SUPER nice (cucumber quest)
Wolfen jump, Hana doki Kira, object memory, Fujo sports, a silly kingdom sample, a little zine from Kelly kwang, a bunch of small zines by Megan Brennan, third wheel by peow!, ultranimboy, segazine, cats of Felicia, Solstoria, Kirby’s dream zine, the nozmo/Saicoink zine, frontier , A wonderful little zine by heather Mitchell, and more!!

Thanks so much for your support!!

Hana Doki Kira